Genuine Taylor Arizona Parts

Genuine Taylor Arizona Parts to keep your machines working at the highest standards possible

Taylor Arizona’s Parts and Service Departments are dedicated to helping maximize your food service equipment investment. With proper care and maintenance, your equipment will continue to run efficiently and effectively. We stock over 10,000 items to ensure that you have the cleaners, supplies, products, and parts needed to keep your equipment up and running. Our parts inventory is also used to supplement our service trucks inventory to minimize downtime as not all parts can be stocked on our trucks.

For peace of mind and quality assurance, contact Taylor Arizona for all your parts and service needs and work with technicians who have earned a coveted Taylor Arizona certification.

We also service Hoshizaki

When it comes to repairing and servicing ice machines from Hoshizaki, Taylor Arizona has your needs met.

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Knowledge and Quality go together

This means that we are skilled and qualified to do the job by meeting stringent guidelines for certifications, warranties, product training, and installation and maintenance procedures. Our service technicians are specially trained to install and maintain Taylor Arizona equipment with superior technical knowledge.

They have exclusive access to special tools, proper documentation, and factory support so they can identify and resolve potential problems on the spot.​ Our mission is to ensure our customers are fully operational at all times and to provide world-class service. We offer our customers free troubleshooting as well as 24-hour service 7 days a week 365 days a year.

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Genuine Taylor Arizona Parts and Tune Up Kits (TUK)

Genuine Taylor Arizona® Parts. Your one source for soft serve parts, slush machine parts and more!

Don’t risk your Taylor Arizona® equipment to generic replacement parts. They may cause breakdowns or void your warranty. The good news is you can always count on genuine Taylor Arizona parts. Each part is an exact drop-in replacement — precision-engineered to preserve the integrity of your equipment.


Changing your equipment’s wearable parts on time can help avoid bigger, more expensive problems. So, our tune up kits come with everything you need to get the job done without calling in a service tech.

Contact your Taylor Arizona Factory Authorized Distributor to try one or save money with regularly scheduled delivery. You will benefit with:

  • More equipment uptime and increased capacity
  • Better product yields and increased sales
  • Longer lifetimes for costly components like beater motors, compressors, and beater assemblies
  • Higher quality product output for your customers’ enjoyment

    Contact Taylor Arizona to try one or save money with regularly scheduled delivery.


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