Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) is a name synonymous with high quality, reliability, and innovation. Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) is the food service industry leader and has developed a global sales and service network which supports its custom built, versatile, and easy to operate foodservice equipment for all your kitchen needs.

Our modern showroom, test kitchen, and training facility are stocked with the latest product innovations, to help you make your decision on how to write your own profit story.

When you purchase from Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona), in addition to quality equipment, parts, and service, you get:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Menu planning
  • Information on how to price and sell your product to protect your profits
  • Point of Sale material

Every piece of equipment we sell includes in-house/ in-store training and a warranty provided by the same company you purchased the equipment from, not a 3rd party, independent, and uncertified service provider.

Leader and exclusive distributor for the Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Company in Arizona

Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Freezer Sales of Arizona caters to the needs of our customers. We know you place a great deal of faith in us, and we strive to deliver the highest.

The cornerstone of our business is to provide the best-in-class sales and service to our valued customers.

Our mission, value, and passion exist to positively impact our customers, your customers, our communities, and beyond. 

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Industries we serve

At Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Freezer Sales of Arizona, we focus on one important goal… to help you optimize your menu by identifying ways for your business to be more profitable!

Coffee shops are constantly challenged with speed of service, building unique destination items, capturing certain day part sales, and building their brand. 

Coffee Shops

QSR’s often struggle to manage labor costs, deal with high turnover, and to find the “right” menu item that hits a home run with customers.

Quick Service

C-Stores have seen declining profits in many categories and the majority of major chains have turned to foodservice to drive new revenues.


Increasing labor costs, demand for natural foods, and speed of service have put a fair amount of pressure on this segment, not to mention huge competition.

Casual Dining

The products we specialize in have broad appeal, giving us the ability to help customers in many industries.

With our experience we can help you identify areas to maximize your potential. 

Other Industries


do you need parts or service for your equipment?

Parts and Service go hand-in-hand to help support your business. We stock over 10,000 items to insure that you have the cleaners, supplies, products, and parts needed to keep your equipment up and running.


  • It has been a great privilege to work with you and Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) in the selection, installation, and weekly use of our Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Soft Serve Machine. We recognize that it is a bit out of the ordinary to have an ice cream machine at a church, however, because of the many fellowship and outreach experiences that involve food service we have at Bellevue Heights Church, it has proven to be a great asset to us. All this to say, it seems to me that every church engaged in outreach, fellowship, and food service should have a soft-serve machine, and it would be our recommendation that it be a Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona). Mike, thank you for your service and commitment to successfully enjoying our soft serve machine.  We do enjoy it and are blessed to have it.

    — Rev. David L. Tomb | Associate Pastor — Phoenix Arizona

  • I have purchased a Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Model C707 Soft Serve Machine with a Flavor Burst system. In a short time I have noticed that my ice cream sales have more than doubled! The Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Soft Serve Machine with Flavor Burst allows me to offer 9 different flavors at the touch of a button, and I have been able to raise my average daily sales by more than $50.00 per day. This was the best business decision I have ever made.

    — Ray Goodman | Water Well — Phoenix Arizona

  • Almost everyone has heard of Happy Hour…but what about Yappy Hour? Mike Barbes of Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) was successful in selling a new Model 152 to PETsMART. PETsMART is a Phoenix-based chain of mega-size pet food and supply stores. PETsMART also provides daycare and boarding for cats and dogs under their PETsHOTEL concept. As part of their service, PETsHOTEL provides a daily Yappy Hour treat time for their canine clientele. This afternoon’s treat is a lactose free, fat-free soft serve with doggy biscuits. This unusual application of a Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Soft Serve Machine was so successful that PETsMART purchased new Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona (Taylor Arizona) Model 152’s for eight additional locations, and they plan on purchasing new Model 152’s for 15 additional locations in 2004.

    — Mike Brands | PetSmart — Phoenix, Arizona

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