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Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Product Details

There are 7 design features that make Hoshizaki Ice Machines the industries best:
• Fully Compartmentalized Design and Sanitation
• Dual Stainless Steel Evaporator
• Individual Hard, Clear Crescent Cubes
• ENERGY STAR Qualified – Utility Rebates
• CycleSaver®
• Simple Controls
• H-GUARD Plus Antimicrobial Agent

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Ice Cubers

Hoshizaki offers a complete line of cubers producing up to 2400 pounds of ice within a 24-hour period. The AM Cuber features a stainless steel finish and fewer moving parts for longer life.  The AM-50 is available with swing style field reversible door and fits conveniently into stardard cabinetry and is UL approved for outdoor use.  The AM-50BAE-AD is ADA approved height.

The KM Cuber Series features an attractive stainless steel exterior finish and a double-sided evaporator with an oval shaped copper refrigerant tubing between two stainless steel plates for the most efficient heat exchange.  The exclusive evaporator design freezes the purest water, resulting in crystal clear crescent cubes.

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Ice Flakers

Hoshizaki flaked icemakers are designed for dependability. The attractive stainless steel exterior provides long life and easy maintenance. The internal auger design produces the highest quality ice with fewer repairs and less down time. The design also contributes to lower power consumption, resulting in an energy efficient unit.

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Ice & Water Dispensers

The Hoshizaki crescent cube vending dispensers feature a built-in insulated storage bin with a “U” shaped design and three dimensional agitation.  The shape of the bin and agitation prevents clumping and assists in delivering ice conveniently at the touch of a button.  The DB Series cube dispenser accommodates the Hoshizaki KM series crescent cubers and features a child-safety mechanism which disengages the agitator should a foreign object be inserted into the chute.  The DKM hotel dispenser is the only one-piece design available to the market and is 35% quieter than other hotel dispensers.

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Hoshizaki America, Inc. as a world-class corporation works responsibly to provide original products which are good for the environment with clear benefits for our customers.  Our entire Commercial Series line of products is Energy Star qualified.

Designed for maximum performance, Hoshizaki’s Commercial Series offers solutions to your operation challenges – food safety, tight spaces, and equipment life value.  Our products surpass the most stringent tests in the foodservice industry-our own!  In fact, every Commercial Series refrigerator and freezer must pass 24 quality performances tests – including pull-down and other refrigeration standards before achieving the Hoshizaki name!

With superior features: advanced refrigeration systems, unique doors and wall thickness, ease of install and the best warranty in the industry – Hoshizaki delivers proven benefits!

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Ice Storage Bins & Remotes

Hoshizaki ice storage bins are available with stainless steel or vinyl clad exterior for easy cleaning and long lasting attractive appearance.  The sturdy construction and non-corrosive bin liner provides safe, sanitary storage of ice for side-by-side or stacked installations.  Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulations in all bin walls, and bottoms, provide dependable ice storage.  HoshiGuard Antimicrobial Agent adds extra protection to the scoop.

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Ice Baggers

Hoshizaki Ice Baggers are ideal for storing and bagging ice.  With an ice drop rate of 120 lbs per minute, it is a fast and easy way to bag ice.  These units have all stainless steel exterior.  There is also built in safety to prevent overload.  These units are durable, sustainable and reliable.

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Professional Series Undercounter and Worktop Units (one, two and three sections, stainless Steel Refrigerators or Freezers with Drawers and Doors)

Stainless Steel Interior and exterior, Solid state digital controller with alarms, Easily removable “cartridge” style refrigeration systems, front breathing with zero clearance requirements, available with doors or drawers

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Prep Tables

Hoshizaki products are built to tackle problems in your line operation.  Tight spaces, food safety and equipment cost.  You can count on Hoshizaki products for creative solutions with exceptional value.  Whatever your line…. Prep line, Service Line and Bottom Line…. Hoshizaki delivers!

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