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Flavor burst machine service in Sedona, AZ

About Our Flavor Burst Machine Service in Sedona, AZ

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64 Flavors in One

Want additional flavors for your soft serve, slush, smoothie or shake program? You’re in luck with Flavor Burst. This ground breaking flavored syrups technology integrates seamlessly with your Taylor ice cream, slush, smoothie or shake program and gives you up to 64 flavor options in one machine! Flavor Burst equipment is built to work exclusively with Taylor machines.


The Flavor Burst system injects flavored syrups into your existing base product with a touch screen application that can be used in either full serve or self serve environments. Flavor Burst offers over 40 different premium flavors, which can be mixed and matched by the customer for nearly limitless flavor options.

Space Saving

Flavor Burst systems are built to sit within Taylor carts, so it doesn’t require additional store space. In addition to greatly increasing your flavor options without adding anything to your equipment footprint, adding Flavor Burst to your dessert program is very profitable.

Ice Twister

The Ice Twister program incorporates Flavor Burst with a single barrel soft serve machine like the C706 or C707. With attention grabbing graphics and instructions, the package looks great and doesn’t take up more space than the C707 by itself. Customers are able to select their preferred flavor of syrup, or even select multiple flavors, which are then swirled onto the ice cream when it is dispensed. Not only does it look amazing, but it allows you to carry only one base vanilla ice cream yet offer nearly unlimited options. Let us help you realize the potential of your Flavor Burst program by contacting Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona!


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