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It has been a great privilege to work with you and Taylor of Arizona in the selection, installation, and weekly use of our Taylor Soft Serve Machine.

We recognize that it is a bit out of the ordinary to have an ice cream machine at a church, however, because of the many fellowship and outreach experiences that involve food service we have at Bellevue Heights Church, it has proven to be a great asset to us.

Each Wednesday we have a lunchroom that follows Bible study and dinner that proceeds Bible study at which soft serve ice cream is provided. Each Sunday morning after church we have a Fellowship/Cookie hour during which soft serve ice cream is available.

In addition to this there are many outreach ministries here at Bellevue Heights Church such as the annual Rose Festival of Christmas Lights at which our guests enjoy soft serve ice cream.

Mike, your attentiveness and service has been excellent.  The Taylor Soft Serve Machine has met and exceeded our expectations.  The dessert produced by the machine has always been delicious regardless of the brand name of the product mix.

All this to say, it seems to me that every church engaged in outreach, fellowship, and food service should have a soft serve machine, and it would be our recommendation that it be a Taylor.

Mike, thank you for your service and commitment to our successfully enjoying our soft serve machine.  We do enjoy it and are blessed to have it.

Rev. David L. Tomb,
Associate Pastor

Success Story: PETsHOTEL Yappy Hour

Almost everyone has heard of Happy Hour…but what about Yappy Hour? Mike Barbes of Taylor of Arizona was successful in selling a new Model 152 to PETsMART. PETsMART is a Phoenix-based chain of mega-size pet food and supply stores. PETsMART also provides daycare and boarding for cats and dogs under their PETsHOTEL concept. As part of their service, PETsHOTEL provides a daily Yappy Hour treat time for their canine clientele. This afternoon’s treat is a lactose free, fat-free soft serve with doggy biscuits.

This unusual application of a Taylor Soft Serve Machine was so successful that PETsMART purchased new Taylor Model 152’s for eight additional locations, and they plan on purchasing new Model 152’s for 15 additional locations in 2004.

Mike Brands,
- Phoenix, Arizona

Success Story: Increase Your Sales with Flavor Burst!

I have purchased a Taylor Model C707 Soft Serve Machine with a Flavor Burst system. In a short time I have noticed that my ice cream sales have more than doubled! The Taylor Soft Serve Machine with Flavor Burst allows me to offer 9 different flavors at the touch of a button, and I have been able to raise my average daily sales by more than $50.00 per day. This was the best business decision I have ever made.

Ray Goodman
Water Well
 – Phoenix, Arizona

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