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Add a Profit Center to your existing business!

Turn a small space into a big profit center with minimal additional labor!
Soft Serve • Frozen Yogurt • Smoothies • Slush • Shakes • Flavor Burst • Frozen Cocktails
We’re talking about products generating profits up to 80%!

Soft Serve

Extremely high gross profit and popular offering.  You can diversify your soft serve program by adding sundaes and hand spun shakes.

30 cones / a day = $13,500.00 a year profit

Soft Serve Yogurt

Another extremely popular and profitable menu item.  A wide range of fabulous flavors, and the availability of low fat and fat free yogurt has tremendous market appeal.  Optional toppings only enhance your profits!

50 sales / a day = $25,000.00 a year profit

Frozen Carbonated Beverage (FCB)

Reach new heights and profit opportunities with a frozen snack and beverage program.

50 sales / a day = $16,000.00 a year profit

Flavor Burst

Adds up to 16 delicious flavors to your soft serve freezer.  The unique color swirl helps merchandise the product.

Adding Flavor Burst to your existing soft serve product
will leverage your profit potential.

Milk Shakes, Smoothies, Frozen Cappuccinos

Smoothies are a hot item with today’s health conscious consumer.

50 sales / a day = $30,000.00 a year profit

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