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Tuscon, Arizona

When it comes to providing important equipment for restaurants, food service operators, the hospitality industry and local businesses in Tucson, AZ, Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona simply cannot be beat. We have a wide variety of high quality products that businesses in Tucson rely on every day to properly meet the needs and expectations of their customers and employees.

For Tucson freezer sales or Taylor Freezer equipment repair in Tucson, you can depend upon a reliable team at Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona. If you are looking for more information about products we offer or service, please read below:

Some of the Taylor Freezer equipment we sell include:

Soft Serve Machines

The many choices we have for soft serve machines all include the options of making Low or No-fat Soft Serve Ice Cream, Custard, Yogurt, and sorbet.

Gourmet Ice Cream Machines

Depending on what you serve we have several machines to select from. If you are looking to serve Super Premium Frozen Custard, Low Overrun Ice Cream, or Sorbet you can choose from Model C001, which serves one flavor, or Model C002, which serves two flavors. Another option for Sorbet is our Model 104 that serves one flavor. Model 104 also offers a variety of options for frozen treats including; homemade ice cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Italian Ice, and Slush.

Batch Dessert Machines

We carry a couple options for Continuous Batch Freezers and Batch Ice Cream Freezers.

Frozen Beverage Machines

Our frozen carbonated beverage freezers come in options of two, three, or four different slush flavors.


Our Electric GrillCooking Zones contain 3 heaters per zone in all of our models. They have a programmable microprocessor control for menu items. Also, they have a precise automatic gapping side-to-side release material feature.

And more!

Some of the Henny Penny equipment we offer includes the following:

Pressure Fryers

We carry an electric Open Fryer as well as a wide variety of Pressure Fryers with a choice of gas or electric. Each fryer has product offerings, controls, and accessories included. There is an option to include additional accessories based on your business needs.


All of our Rotisseries save on floor space. Their features include THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process, 9 programmable cook cycles, programmable browning, Large LED display, Food temperature probe, split rotation switch for easy loading, Interchangeable split racks and a few others. The SCR-6 model cooks 24 birds in a single load. The SCR-8 model cooks 40 birds in a single load. The SCR-16 model cooks 80 birds in a single load.

Breading Systems

We carry Model BM-110 electric automatic breading machine. This machine uses a rotating drum to gently tumble food through breading and breads up to 400lbs per hour.

Combi Ovens

We offer various different Combi ovens. They all use moist heat and dry heat either separately or in combination to satisfy any sort of cooking conditions. We offer sizes that hold 5, 6, 10, 12, and 20 full-size steam table pans. Some Combi ovens hold sheet pans and Crosswise plus pans.

Open Fryers

Our electric open fryers come with a 7-year warranty and stainless steel rectangular fry pots, perfect for all of your frying needs in Tucson.

And more!

We are also proud to be a dealer for Hoshizaki America, for all of your Tucson ice machine needs.

We are pleased to let you know that one of our experienced technicians, David Wheeler has moved to Tucson. Whether you are looking to purchase new equipment for your Tucson restaurant or just need some servicing/parts for your Taylor Freezer equipment, Request David or contact a representative with Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona today. Call us at 1-800-224-8400 or 1-520-624-6448 or you can email us at You can also fill out our Contact Us form, see tab to the right of this page.